I went and watched a talk last night which was given by Phillip Adams over at the University of Western Australia. I got the ticket from a collegue as he had been given a free one with his purchase. Having not heard of Phillip Adams before I was not sure what to expect.

The talk was great, even topics of discussion that might otherwise have bored me seemed interesting. I’ll be lucky to be half as intelligent as Phillip when I am his age. I will certainly be downloading his podcasts from now on.

I was reminded of another great thinker and podcaster, Cameron Reilly founder of the podcast network. I definitely think that these two together would make for a very interesting podcast.

If anyone out there has the opportunity to go and see a talk given by Phillip Adams I definitely recommend it.


Atomic Espresso

March 30, 2008

I had breakfast here with my girlfriend this morning, it’s in a great location on Mends street in South Perth, just up the road from the jetty and it’s a very popular place based on how busy they were.

I have a complaint though, although it took me only about 5 minutes to go up to the counter and order our food, it took about 50 minutes for it to come out. I know they were busy, but it didn’t seem like they were THAT busy. I have friends who work as chefs and kitchen assitants so I was ok with the wait time simply because I know how stressful things can get back there.

I ordered the big breakfast, and I was looking forward to it! I could have left a happy customer despite the wait time, but when I received my meal the chipolatas were more or less raw. To the credit of the wait staff, I was promptly attended to and was given some new sausages.

So I don’t really have too much against the place, I just don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon.

A friend of mine is battling with the idea of starting his own business. He has had a lot of experience at developing property through subdivision and has a knack for spotting great deals that others might miss. I consider myself somewhat of an entrepreneur, perhaps very immature, but still an entrepreneur. So I wanted to try and give him some advice which would help him to get past his fear of losing the stable income, and anything else he might be concerned about.

The way I see it, he has two options facing him, he could come up with a brilliant idea which is very innovative and creates value for people, develop it as a product or service and reap the rewards of having a low marginal cost of sale for each additional client. The other option is to be a consultant and charge people for his time and advice on an hourly, or per project basis.

I’d love to find out if anyone out there has some advice for my friend. He is 24 years old, has a wife and a job that suits his skill set.

  • How do people our age get over the fears that face us when thinking of starting our business?
  • Is it best to start small, keep your day job and grow your business on the side?
  • What are your experiences?

I look forward to reading your advice!

Here’s a story which covers the housing affordability problem in Australia at the moment. The report found that NSW and WA are the most expensive states in Australia. It’s certainly a big challenge for people my age who haven’t yet purchased their first home.


It’s just crazy at the moment, the owners of the place I rent have jacked the rent up again and it’s getting really expensive. I am looking around for a nice, neat and reasonably priced house/villa but at every viewing that I attend there are 30 other people applying for the same place. The rising interest rates probably aren’t helping, anyone with a fairly large mortgage on their investment property is going to need to pass the increase in loan repayments onto their tenants.

In a slightly related matter, I am selling my car if anybody is interested. It’s a Holden Commodore VX Series SS and I’ve got it advertised for around $16,000. I’ll post some photos to flickr tonight and update then.

———- UPDATE ———-
Photos of my Car