Google App Engine

April 8, 2008

The Google App Engine was unveiled yesterday at Campfire One and it’s a really cool idea. In a nutshell it allows developers to build their web applications with the App Engine SDK and deploy them onto Google server infrastructure. Everything is covered, from web servers and load balancing, to data persistance and security. The idea has me excited, because the free accounts enable you to store up to 500mb of persistent data and provide enough bandwidth and CPU power to host roughly 5 million monthly hits. The engine turns resources on and off for you as your application needs it, so peaks and troughs in traffic to your application are in theory handled flawlessly.

This release has also got my mind racing about the potential of this service, specifically for enabling a larger group of people to see their ideas come to fruition where they might have otherwise not had the resources. Of course you still need to be able to code (in Python – which is also great!) or at least know somebody who can (and is willing to help).

I look forward to hearing some feedback from some of the lucky 10,000 users who were quick enough to snap up a free account before everyone else. Hopefully they give away some more accounts soon.


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