Getting the crap out of the way

March 13, 2008

Ben from posted a great comment on my last post about Motivation. Here’s part of his advice to me:

“Make the tasks you want to do least the tasks you attack and accomplish first – get the “crap” out of the way and have a much better day.”

It’s great advice, and I wanted to test my ability to put it into practice this morning. One of the things that I always want to do after work, but lack the motivation for, is to go for a walk/run and get some exercise. I forced myself to wake up this morning at 5:30am and I went out for a run before the sun had even come up. I’ll need to continue doing this every morning before I can claim to have taken the advice seriously, but this certainly was a great start given how lazy I am in the mornings!

The second part of Ben’s advice was to assign a definite date to each item on my to do list, and to complete at least one item a day. I haven’t even started on a to do list, I’ve promised myself that I’ll do it tonight. None the less, I’ll be setting reasonable target completion dates.


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