March 12, 2008

Since I have decided (today) to start actively blogging again, I thought I’d make a note about motivation. I started having to really push myself to get things done when I started high school. Either I was a good boy in primary school or I just can’t remember ever having any problems. It started with homework and it continues today with side projects that I want to do. There are many other things for which I lack motivation (doing the dishes, cleaning the house, etc.) but they’re boring and therefore in my mind my lack of motivation is justified. Prototyping ideas for web applications, or blogging is enjoyable for me, and yet I find it hard to settle down after a day of work and tinker.

So starting from today, I plan on changing the way I think and the way I behave. I’m going to start by writing a list of goals and to do items, and I’ll post them here. I’ll also post when I complete these items. I believe that if I use my blog in this manner, then the process itself should generate some ideas or lessons for me to blog about, and in turn I can make my blog meaningful to me, and perhaps even to others.


4 Responses to “Motivation”

  1. bennyinny Says:

    Two thoughts…

    First – those Items you “really do not want to do” because they are boring or unjustifiably not necessary – Try doing them first in the day. Make the tasks you want to do least the tasks you attack and accomplish first – get the “crap” out of the way and have a much better day.

    Second – Having a list of goals is great – in order to really make it happen 0 to that list add a “definite date” in which those goals will be accomplished and then be sure to do at least one thing everyday that will accomplish those goals…

    Take a look at my blog it may have some great ideas for you to work with.


  2. Merc Says:

    Welcome back!

  3. Chrissss Says:

    Thanks for the great comment Ben.

  4. […] 13, 2008 Ben from posted a great comment on my last post about Motivation. Here’s part of his advice to me: “Make the tasks you want to do least the tasks you […]

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